Organizations: Human Capital, Coordination and Cooperation

Author:Ali Ayesha



The article comprises of illustrations that elaborate relationships seen in context of coordination and cooperation within the present technologically advanced organizations. The significant role of theory is to give in detail the explanation of the said concept. It means that the theory of organization will facilitate in comprehension of what organizations are and the way organizations work in a particular environment and how organizations function in various contexts. This has been established as a consequence of the methodical study of modern organizations. Therefore, it is vast implications for several types of organizations. It also rejuvenates the ideas about the concept of organizations and administrating them. Organization theory essentially caters the organization level of analysis such as planning, design, structure, change, development, politics and culture. With reference to organization phenomenon, the investigation studies the productivity of the organization. The objective of the article is to critically examine the complicated process of cooperation and coordination related to the modern organization. The study focuses on models of organization such as the system model and the contingency model. According to the deliberations of the study, the article also focuses on Mintzburg’s model for understanding the concept. Keywords: Organization; Coordination; Contingency model; Cooperation, System model.

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