Role of Turnitin in E-Learning

Author:Sulehri Imran Ghaffar , Chaudhry Dr. Muhammad Shahzad , Qadeer Shereen


Emergence of internet, creation of electronic resources and usage of electronic medium for learning purposes are some core elements of technology which are getting worth in academia. These technological tools are being accepted and their use is also increasing day by day for learning purposes. Academic institutions are widely shifting to technology based learning by using different mediums of edevices and softwares. In this study, multi-dimensional software “Turnitin” was examined as a source of elearning tool in large size universities of Lahore, Pakistan. Turnitin is being utilized all over the world mostly for text matching services. However, it has some learning based factors therefore the researcher(s) strive to explore the role of “Turnitin” in e-learning. Four universities from Lahore, Pakistan were selected. Purposive sampling technique was adopted to gather the data from those faculty members who have instructors’ accounts in Turnitin. Results of this study indicate, that “Turnitin” plays an imperative role in certain aspects of e-learning and the majority of respondents use it for multiple purposes.

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