Pakistan Librarians Welfare Organization (PLWO) is a registered, Independent, non-for-profit and representative national organization of Library and Information Science Professionals working for the promotion of library & information professionals in Pakistan. It was founded at Lahore on September 28, 2005 by some dedicated proactive LIS professionals. Now PLWO has headquarters, 4-provicial branches along with Azad Jammu & Kashmir chapter which are working proactively for the capacity building of librarians in their respective regions.

PLWO is dedicated to transform professionals from librarian to “teacher of teachers”. Organization’s multidimensional approach equips librarians with adequate professional skills to bring them with modern library management practices of the modern world. The objective in general is to provide professionals a collective platform to interact with each other to solve their profession related problems. Particularly, the promotion of librarianship by helping the new graduates/professionals in securing good positions and providing them the required information base to facilitate their working and creation of the conducive environment for research in library science by identifying the new areas and exploring the new avenues for development of the profession and professionals.

PLWO has peer reviewed journal named as International Journal of Information Management Sciences (IJIMS). It is annual publication covers subjects including library & Information Science, information management, knowledge management, information literacy and allied subjects. PLWO has also its quarterly newsletter “The Librarian” highlighting different professional issues and provides the platform to young LIS professionals to bring their workings on the surface.

Read & Write Pakistan (R&RP) which is the project of Pakistan Librarians Welfare Organization (PLWO) is dedicatedly working to encourage and promote reading culture in Pakistan which has been very oversighted area in Pakistan.In its independent capacity, PLWO works closely with all stakeholders as well as all regional and national organization of the profession to look after the interest of the librarians and to promote library services and librarianship.


PLWO leads the Library and Information Science (LIS) community in professional development and instigate overall research activities. It provides opportunities to exchange information, best practices and values of libraries and librarians.


Transforming librarian “teacher of teachers” and advancing libraries according to international standards.